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Usefull tips and tricks

Tips for usage:

  • Always mixture the mycorrhiza trough the soil you use and also apply a small amount of mycorrhiza closely near the plant roots
  • Preferably do not use a soil with heavy P fertilization
  • Use mycorrhiza together with rhizo bacteria
  • Always feed your soil life on a organic nutrient diet and organic sugars.
  • Never mixture the trichoderma fungi together with the mycorrhiza trough the soil


  • Mycorrhiza spores are not pourable!
  • Endo mycorrhiza do not form carpophores or fruit body’s
  • Fabricating mycorrhiza in a tablet is impossible, because mycorrhiza cannot survive the pressure and temperature at which such tablets are produced.
  • Mycorrhiza propagules have a short shelf life
  • Too high P levels/content in your soil inhibits the growth of mycorrhiza

Root with and without mycorrhiza

root with mycorrhiza root without mycorrhiza