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How to use mycorrhiza products

How to use mycorrhiza products

When you use Endo mycorrhiza you always have to mix through the soil you are using for your plants because the mycorrhiza spores are too big in size to be poured with water near the roots of your plants. Next to mixing the mycorrhiza through the soil you use, it is also highly recommended to use the mycorrhiza very close to the roots of your plant by spreading them in your planting hole or hill-drop to get the best colonization of the mycorrhiza with your plant roots.

It is not necessary to feed the mycorrhiza due to the fact that the mycorrhizas depend on the available carbohydrates provided by the plant. Rhizo bacteria can be fed by soluble carbohydrates.

All the recommended dosages are given for each plant you use. A plant which is grown in a small container will relatively need more mycorrhiza to rapidly colonize the container due to the short growing period of the plant because of the lack of space for the roots. When you use a big container the growing period of the plant will be longer, so the mycorrhiza have more time to colonize the container, which means that you are able to use the same amount of mycorrhiza as when you use a small container.

After planting your plants with mycorrhiza it would be wise to water your soil with Bio-sannie Bacto. Bio-sannie Bacto has the ability to rapidly start up the soil life and to stimulate the mycorrhiza for faster colonization.

The following products can be used with your mycorrhiza to make sure that the mycorrhizas colonize and work well together with your plant roots:

  • Bacteria
  • Trichoderma (which are pourable)
  • Organic plant food
  • Humic and Fulvic acid
  • Kelp
  • Vitamines

Mycorrhiza fungi are masters in making phosphorus, also known as the P-element, available for your plants. When too much phosphorus is mixed through the soil the mycorrhiza will be inhibited in their growth. To prevent this inhibition it is better to use liquid phosphorus when the colonization of the mycorrhiza has occurred.

Mycorrhiza and NPK absorbtion

mycorrhiza and npk absorbtion